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Adventure Series 2

What the Painting Can Bear

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Scott elaborates on one of John F. Carlson's most important statements.

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"Don't train your eye to copy tone for tone. Think of the bearing of such colors and harmonies upon the main idea of your picture."

John F. Calrson, Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting

Similar to using color as a reserve, consider reserve in all you include as far as mountains, trees, rocks, etc.

How much is necessary to convey the main idea of your painting without overemphasizing everything?

Are there elements you can ADD that will orchestrate the viewers eye towards the area of interest?

There can be a fine line between not enough and too much.

While orchestrating color and shape, notice that you can add varieties and color up until a point. The painting will break down when too many varieties are added. It is not simply what you add to your painting but how you do it. Sometimes less is more.

Keeping the whole of the painting in mind, begin to make this idea of a "reserve" with both color and shapes a part of your process.

Keeping a reserve in mind will strengthen the painting as a whole. Bring this idea with you as we approach the next episodes and assignments.

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