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Adventure Series 2

Sky - Middle Ground - Foreground

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See how Scott creates three designs that feature different elements of the same scene.

2min 54sec

The landscape is vast. In any scene, decide who you will choose to be your "main character".

Give your painting clarity of intent by choosing to feature one of the following elements of a scene:

  • Sky
  • Middle ground
  • Foreground

Once you choose an element of a scene to feature, devote the majority of your surface to that element.

Before you begin any paintings from now on, consider the importance of determining your "main character" for your paintings. The journaling you originally did in Series 1 can help you hone in on your highlighted element or area.

Further study: 

Select 5 landscape photographs.

For each photo, develop three alternative designs / sketches that feature:

  • Sky
  • Middle ground
  • Foreground

After practicing indoors, venture outside and do the same assignment.

  • Drawing Journal
  • Pencil
  • Value Markers (optional)

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