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Adventure Series 2

Gouache Winter Road

Congratulations! You've finished the course!

Scott puts all the concepts in the course to work painting a snow scene near his house.

41min 6sec

Once your intention has been determined, your composition has been worked out through your 10 line drawings, and you have a value plan in place, your idea can be developed further with the addition of color.

Select one of the compositional and value studies that you completed and like best from the 10 Lines Winter Road Example episode.

Moving forward with the addition of color, understand clearly where your value planes are and try to maintain your value structure as you paint.


Have fun.

Take the process from Series 1 and 2 and begin to try to apply it outdoors:

  • Idea finding
  • Ten lines
  • Value sketches with markers
  • Finding your palette
  • Keep the value, change the color

These tools as part of the process will help generate more and better ideas.

  • Ten Line Drawings and Value Sketches from Ten Lines- Winter Road Assignment
  • Painting Journal
  • Painting Supplies (Oil or Gouache)
Downloads will open in a separate browser window where you can use the features of the browser to move files to your computer.
Winter Road Photo

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