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Adventure Series 2

Learning from the Masters: Zorn

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Scott describes the impact of Anders Zorn on his own work.

8min 45sec

Some of Zorn's strengths might include:

  • A limited palette that gives harmony and a surprising range of color.
  • Reworking, layering and dry brushing that gives volume.
  • Shape making and warm / cool passages that provide infinite variety while maintaining an overall design.

Begin to understand the things that make Zorn unique. Write in your writing journal what you like or don't like about Zorn's work. Why do you like it? Why not? Be specific.

In the video at 3:30, describe what you see in the painting at a distance that you like vs. what you see in the close-ups that follow.

A painting is meant to be read from across the room.

  • Writing Journal
  • Writing Utensil
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