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Adventure of Painting (AOP) is a reimagined approach to landscape art instruction, guided by Scott L. Christensen.

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Scott L. Christensen

"Learning to paint is hard. Learning to paint better is even harder. I wish someone had told me early on how much intention, study, and thought painting requires. Our work in Adventure of Painting will give you the knowledge and experience to aid you in landscape painting and venturing outdoors to paint. We will be ready for all that nature throws at us without getting frustrated or discouraged." - Scott L. Christensen

"In Adventure of Painting, I want to help you break out of the overwhelm and back into the enjoyment of painting."

Join the Adventure of Painting today and learn to solve your problems, overcome your obstacles, and discover your unique and authentic artistic vision.

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"Adventure of Painting is a game changer in how to bring a painting from start to finish. This course is comprehensive and gives a clear path to how to make the best painting you can no matter what stage you are at in your career. It covers everything from the early stages of design to the last stages of finish. I will recommend this course to all of my students and will use Scott’s method of study going forward."
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Garrish Fine Art
“Adventure of Painting is a course for all levels from beginners to professionals. Scott, through this life-changing experience, teaches you how to look at a scene, what to look for and how to react to any possible situation. This course forever changes the way you view a scene or the way you look at a painting. Adventure of Painting is a truly magnificent journey through the painting adventure."
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Sam Angoori Fine Art
"Scott Christensen is a superb instructor, and the depth and breadth of his Adventure of Painting course is dazzling. He will show you how to see like an artist and train like an athlete. Scott’s commitment to a lifetime of artistic exploration and growth is contagious, and it is evident that he poured his heart and soul into the Adventure of Painting course. I would highly recommend this course to painters of every level."
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