Adventure of Painting (AOP) is a reimagined approach to landscape art instruction with Scott L. Christensen.

Dear Artist,

After years of teaching other artists, I have witnessed common problems that we all face. I have watched the same frustrations over and over, especially when painting outdoors. My goal in creating “Adventure of Painting” is to share with you all of the content that I believe is critical for the artist to understand when painting landscapes.  

Adventure of Painting is a compilation of videos that clarify concepts that I found difficult to understand in my early days of painting. Even now, I keep these exact concepts in the forefront of my mind from the beginning to the end of each painting that I create. By working through the videos, assignments, and with continued study, I believe you will learn to identify and solve the painting challenges that arise for you on your own. My hope is that Adventure of Painting will help you to discover your authentic and unique artistic vision, and prepare you for the adventure that you are on in this creative life.


Scott L. Christensen

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What is Adventure of Painting (AOP)?

Adventure of Painting (AOP) is a comprehensive approach to developing as an artist and understanding the connections between concepts, skills, and practice. Two main components make up the entire AOP site: 

  • AOP's Signature Course
  • Continuing Education Membership.

Essential principles necessary for an artist to learn how to think artistically, no matter the skill level, are covered in AOP's Signature Course. Continuing Education Membership reinforces concepts and includes new and exclusive monthly content.

Who is it for

Will AOP Work for Me?

Adventure of Painting (AOP) is for artists and aspiring artists who want to develop their skills and understanding in a comprehensive way. AOP introduces and reinforces principles to continue to grow upon forever, no matter if painting is a hobby or a profession. The processes apply to artists working in a variety of media including but not limited to: oil, gouache, acrylic, watercolor, pastels and digital media.

Whether you are feeling stagnant in your work and growth as a professional, just beginning your painting journey, or simply wanting to learn the principles of landscape painting on a deeper level, Adventure of Painting is for you.

how does it work

A Reimagined Approach

A good painting integrates various interconnected concepts, one change always affecting another, creating a circular path towards the finish line. Therefore, in order to learn the essential concepts, I believe it is important to approach them as an integrated whole and learn how they relate to one another collectively.

Furthermore, rather than the 2-3 hour long instructional video approach where you watch others solve problems, concepts in Adventure of Painting are presented in shorter, more manageable and focused videos. Associated assignments in AOP's Signature Course help apply the knowledge, guide you in solving problems that arise and lead you to discover your unique artistic vision.

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AOP's Signature Course

Adventure of Painting's (AOP) Signature Course lays the principles for which the entire AOP site and Continuing Education content is built upon. AOP's Signature Course is divided into sections that scaffold concepts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of essential concepts such as value, composition, and idea-finding. Each section of the Signature Course includes several hours of exclusive content from Scott, as well as assignments with each video that help you apply the knowledge, build your skillset, feel confident in problem-solving, and encourage you to discover and find clarity in your unique artistic vision.

Taught by world-renowned artist and instructor, Scott L. Christensen, AOP's Signature Course covers the essential concepts and processes Scott feels essential to landscape painting. For beginners and seasoned painters alike, AOP's Signature Course will provide you with the tips and tricks you need to accelerate your growth and radically improve your artistic vision.  

This is everything you need to take your painting to the next level.

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Continuing Education Membership

Continuing Education Membership revisits, reinforces, and expands upon principles presented in AOP's Signature Course. Continuing Education further connects concepts, expands upon the knowledge base, and advances us to see beyond the obvious towards applying our own vision. A deep dive into content of similar categories covered in AOP's Signature Course and much more is included. New exclusive content from Scott is added monthly! 

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