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Course and Content Questions

What do you mean by a “reimagined” approach?

A good painting integrates various interconnected concepts, one change always affecting another, creating a circular path towards the finish line. Therefore, in order to learn these essential concepts, Scott believes it is important to approach them as an integrated whole and understand how they relate to one another. Furthermore, rather than the 2-3 hour long instructional video approach where you watch others solve problems, concepts are presented in shorter, more manageable and focused videos (3-50 minutes). Scott's hope is that the associated assignments help guide you in solving problems that arise and finding your unique artistic vision.

What level of painter is this course meant for?

Adventure of Painting is meant for artists and aspiring artists of all abilities and levels. Scott explains, “Adventure of Painting is not a beginner’s course any more than it is an advanced course. This adventure of learning and study is a lifetime journey; one that we all have to do in order to grow.”

What medium(s) does the course apply?

While Scott uses primarily oil and gouache, the concepts presented in Adventure of Painting will apply to artists working in a variety of media including (but not limited to) oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pastels, and digital.

What supplies will I need?

When you begin the Adventure of Painting course, it is important to first choose your medium that you will work in. A supply list is emailed to you as soon as you enroll and can also be found as a download in the "Getting Started" series under the episodes titled: "Gouache and Materials" and "Oil Painting Stuff".

What is included if I sign up?

Adventure of Painting (AOP)’s Signature Course is offered for a lifetime access fee of $349. AOP’s Signature Course is made up of 3 Adventure Series (with approximately 15 videos each). Each video has an assignment to help guide you in applying the information. 

Continuing Education membership content is only offered as an upgrade option if you have purchased the AOP Signature Course. AOP Continuing Education Membership is $25/month. To upgrade at the time of check-out, be sure to check the box next to “AOP Continuing Education Membership” underneath AOP’s Signature’s Course.

Can I download the videos?

Course videos are not downloadable. Some assignments offer reference images that are downloadable. These reference images are copyrighted and approved only for use for practice and not allowed to be used to create derivative works.

Does Scott offer in-person workshops?

Adventure of Painting is all the content (and more!) that Scott would cover in an in-person workshop. While in-person workshops are currently on hold, future workshops will be revamped and offered in inspiring places. Imagine painting outdoors alongside Scott in incredible places! Workshops spaces will be offered to only those that have dedicated time and committed to the work and assignments inside Adventure of Painting.

More information will be emailed when we are able to start in-person workshops again. If you have not heard anything on in-person workshops via the AOP email, that means workshops are still on hold.

Enroll and Login

Can I upgrade to the Continuing Education Membership at any time?

An upgrade to the Continuing Education Membership can be purchased at any time after AOP's Signature Course has been purchased. For example, if you sign up today for the Signature Course you can upgrade to the Continuing Education Membership two months from now.

How do I sign-up?

Enroll in Adventure of Painting here.

I just signed up. Where is my confirmation email?

If your email is not in the inbox of the email you used to enroll, please check your spam, social, promotions and other inbox tabs and folders associated with your account.

If you still have not located your confirmation email, and/or suspect that you might have entered your email address incorrectly, please contact us at from the email address you used to enroll.

How do I access the videos?

Once you have enrolled in Adventure of Painting, check your email for to confirm your account.

Set your password.

Head to and click the “LOGIN” button at the top right of the page.

Enter your email and password to gain entry into the site and access the videos.

How do I sign-up for AOP’s Continuing Education Membership?

To enroll in AOP’s Continuing Education Membership at checkout, check the box marked Continuing Education Membership.

If you have marked it correctly, you will see $25 or ($275 if paying yearly-- one free month!) added onto the due now price.

You will only be charged $25 each month (or $275/year) moving forward.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts on the Adventure of Painting Signature Course or the AOP Continuing Education Membership.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Press the Login button on the upper right hand corner.

A box will pop up to enter your email and password.

Underneath the password box, click the Forgot password? link.

Enter your email that you used to enroll.

Check your email for resetting your password.

Billing and Payment

My credit card on file is about to expire. How do I update my credit card information?

After logging-in, go to My Account in the upright part of your screen.

Next click on Billing on the left hand side.

Click Update and enter your updated card details.

What is your refund policy

We do not offer refunds. Please understand our reasoning:

In order to paint well, the foundation must be clearly understood. AOP's Signature Course is centered around growing your understanding of the critical concepts of painting, both of which are undoubtedly difficult and complex to accomplish. We obsess over the quality and content of our learning material, have taken years to put together the course with incredible thought and intention, and provide what we believe is crucial to learn how to paint in your medium of choice. The testimonials speak for themselves.

It is our mission to make the complex more manageable but the hard work still must be done. The execution is in your hands. Instead of requesting a refund, we invite you to ask questions and ask the work of yourself; participate in doing the assignments as they all are to be done in the medium of your choice. We believe in the product we offer and believe everything is here to help you attain the goals you are seeking. We hope you will return to the assignments and content and find many ah-ha moments in your painting adventure.

I would like to use a reference image from Adventure of Painting for a work I am painting for an exhibition. Can I do so?

All images are solely meant for the use of teaching and learning. Images are copyrighted and are not permitted to be used for distribution of any kind or derivative work for sale. Please refer to our user policy page here.

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