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Adventure Series 2

Trees and Handling

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Scott discusses the importance of trees in the landscape and suggests artists to study.

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Trees are an important part of the landscape. They are full of character and require great attention.

To accumulate a real understanding of trees, study them with the intention of figuring out how you will manage them.

Cut and attach pictures of artists' trees that you like in your writing journal. Note why you like them and what you like about how the artist managed them. Start to compile photographs of trees you see in nature that catch your eye.

This is one example of how I study to find my way. If you continue with this type of study (for trees and beyond), you too will find your artistic voice.

In your own way (refer back to 'Building Your Library' episode assignment), try to keep images of trees that inspire and that you would like to refer to. Examples might include:

  • Photos of tree you see in nature.
  • Trees of many artists that you admire.

Try to compile considerable diversity in your tree library.

Some artists that I study for trees alone are:

  • Alfred Munnings
  • Chauncey Ryder
  • E. Martin Hennings
  • Sir Alfred East
  • Hanson Puthuff
  • Percy Gray
  • William Wendt
  • Edward Steichen
  • Alfred Stieglitz
  • Sydney Long
  • Daniel Garber

In your drawing journal, sketch trees from your tree image collection, trying to develop interesting tree shapes that you see.

After completing your drawings, try to look at your trees and determine how other artist's would have done the same tree. The varieties are immense.

Drawing Journal.

Artist books or computer search for trees.

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