Adventure of Painting (AOP) is comprised of: 

Preview Course Episode
where the adventure begins

AOP's Signature Course

Adventure of Painting's (AOP) Signature Course includes 59 short videos with corresponding assignments for practice and application. This course serves as the foundation for better understanding the material in the full AOP site and is a crucial start on the adventure. After the "Getting Started" section, which covers materials, the core content is divided into 3 "Adventure Series" that support an integrated process to landscape painting. Scott covers the core concepts and processes that he practices to this day in each painting that he creates.

Adventure of Painting Signature Course offers:

  • 59 short and easy-to-digest videos, broken up into 4 series (see below)
  • Over 12 hours of instruction
  • Guided assignments to advance your learning and help you answer your questions
  • Inspiration to reignite your love of painting

Taught by world-renowned artist and instructor, Scott L. Christensen, AOP dives deep into the essentials of landscape painting. For beginners and seasoned painters alike, the content will give you the fundamentals you need to accelerate your growth and radically improve your artistic vision. While examples are done in oil and gouache, the concepts presented are easily applicable to any medium.

This is everything you need to take your painting to the next level.

Getting Started

Preparing for the Adventure Ahead

Let's make sure you have the supplies you will need for the adventure ahead.

1hr 2 min

Adventure Series 1

Finding Our Path

In this series we will begin laying the important groundwork and foundational elements that we will return to throughout our process.

3 hrs 15 min

Adventure Series 2

Leaning into Our Resistance

Through practice and 15-20 minutes of diligent study a day, you will realize major changes in your ability to see and interpret the scene in front of you.

3 hr 28 min

Adventure Series 3

Finding Your Own Process

Series 1, 2, and 3 combined will help you realize the importance of small inspired decisions and differences in unveiling critical concepts. My hope is that you find these ideas evolutionary.

4 hr 42 min
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Video Resource Library with over 50+ supporting videos to further concepts and understanding with a deep dive into several AOP categories

Aop Community

Access to the AOP Community (Facebook and Instagram not required), including accountability, discussions, and connecting with other AOP artists


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