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Adventure Series 1

Three Ways to Learn

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Three Ways to Learn: Scott covers Edgar Payne's theory of learning and gives tangible actions you can take to improve your learning.

3min 51sec

Edgar Payne says there are three ways we learn:

  1. Accumulate knowledge
  2. Practice continually
  3. Study nature often

10-20 minutes of diligent study a day will lead to growth.

  • Do the work.
  • Stay curious.
  • We will be working in three ways throughout the Adventure of Painting to help guide you with the process of knowledge accumulation, continual practice, and nature study.

We will be using three journals throughout the Adventure of Painting journey to help as you accumulate practice and study. One will be for painting, one for drawing, and one for journaling/writing.

Your first assignment in this series is to get your three journals ready. If you have not already purchased your "AOP Journals" do so now (found under the supplies tab) or find three empty sketch/painting books and designate one as your drawing journal, one as your painting journal, and one as your writing journal.

  • 1 Painting Journal
  • 1 Drawing Journal
  • 1 Writing Journal

Downloads will open in a separate browser window where you can use the features of the browser to move files to your computer.
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