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Adventure Series 1

Drawing Trees

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Ten Lines and value studies of a variety of trees.

27min 07sec

There are several ways to think about drawing and designing trees.

Spend time getting familiar with the character of trees prior to designing or painting a landscape featuring them.

Develop your understanding of a tree's character by completing gestural studies that emphasize your favorite:

  • External lines.
  • Negative space(s).
  • Trunk, limb and branch thickness, length and angle.
  • Shapes and patterns of shapes that simplify major areas.

Complete enough gestural studies of trees to form a personal conviction of their character.

Find 5 tree photographs of trees against the sky and, in your drawing journal, practice drawing both negative and positive shapes.

Always think about shape-making, considering sky holes and the exterior line. Focus on different proportions of shape and scale with every shape.

Begin to think of how you are going to manage trees. In your writing journal, write down your observations of trees and how you would like to manage them.

Now go outside and draw a volume of trees in your drawing journal. The more you do, the more they will become your own.

  • Tree Photograph Library
  • Drawing Journal
  • Writing Journal
  • Pencil or Markers
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