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Idea Finding and Producing an Idea - Part Two

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Scott takes the idea in the previous video and tries a new idea as he works out the idea.


Again, not necessarily in this order, working out an idea includes:

  • Putting words to your idea to convey what you wish.
  • Creating line drawings to determine placement.
  • Determining your values.
  • Refining your lines with attention to variety and integrity.
  • Defining your palette.
  • Experimenting with different options (often times many) .

Of great importance here is understanding that this is not a linear process. Rather than a "one and done" mentality, this is a cyclical process and often takes many rounds and ideations through these steps (not in any particular order) to continue to refine and hone in on your idea.

Repeat the previous lesson with a different limited palette of primaries (suggestion: cadmium yellow pale, permanent red, ultramarine blue) and white.

  • Gathered Photo Library
  • Painting Journal
  • Painting Journal References
  • Drawing Journal References
  • Writing Journal References
  • Painting Supplies (Oil or Gouache)

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