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Adventure Series 1

Value Extremes as a Design Technique

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Scott uses a black and white photo of a tree scene where almost all gray values are removed as a starting point to finding a strong composition.

7min 50sec

When you feel like you have a chaotic composition in front of you, starting with your masses and a limited vocabulary can sometimes be a useful tool.

A limited vocabulary is a tool to determine placement and proportion.

For the use in AOP, a "limited vocabulary" is using simple shapes to help determine placement, proportion, and scale. In this video, Scott uses circles and lines. In other example videos found in the "Drawing and Composition" category, Scott might use rectangles, triangles, circles, lines, etc.  

A limited vocabulary is not a replacement for drawing; it is simply to help you find placement, proportion, and scale.

After the limited vocabulary and placement is determined, now you can concern yourself with 10 lines and then refine your drawing.

Select 5 of your most chaotic photos from your gathered photographs.

In your drawing journal, practice finding placement using variety of mass and a limited vocabulary.

After you've practiced indoors, go outside and practice doing more of these design drawings from life.

  • Photograph library
  • Drawing journal
  • Pencil or markers
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