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Adventure Series 1

Idea Finding and Producing an Idea - Part One

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Scott takes an idea for a painting he is thinking about doing. He works the idea out in this video and in part two.

30min 33sec

Not necessarily in this order, working out an idea includes:

  • Putting words to your idea to convey what you wish.
  • Creating line drawings to determine placement.
  • Determining your values.
  • Refining your lines with attention to variety and integrity.
  • Defining your palette.
  • Experimenting with different options (often many times).

Of great importance here is understanding that this is not a linear process. Rather than a "one and done" mentality, this is a cyclical process and often takes many rounds and ideations through these steps (not in any particular order) to continue to refine and hone in on your idea.

This doesn't need to be done in all one sitting. It is actually better if it is not so you have more time to sit with the idea and decide where you want to go.

Select a photo from your gathered photo library to paint a painting either in oil or gouache.

Move through the concepts covered in the series:

  • Put words to your idea: What excites you about the scene? Refer back to your journal assignment from the beginning of the series.
  • Determine your intention with the painting you will complete. What will the painting be about? Who is your main character? What are you wanting to convey?
  • Begin with 10 lines to think about placement. Refer back to your 10 Line drawings completed previously to block in your lines in your painting journal.
  • Remember to consider variety of lines and shapes.
  • Study the photo in black and white.
  • Complete a value study and sketch.
  • Consider your light and shadow masses.
  • Determine your palette, paying close attention to your values. Use a limited palette of three primaries (suggestion: cobalt blue, venetian red, yellow ochre) and white.
  • With the decisions above, paint the scene.
  • Gathered Photo Library
  • Painting Journal
  • Painting Journal References
  • Drawing Journal References
  • Writing Journal References
  • Painting Supplies (Oil or Gouache)
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