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Adventure Series 2

Building Your Library - Introduction

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Scott discusses the major elements of his library and suggests topics for yours.

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Accumulating knowledge is one of the three major ways painters learn.

Building a library is key to accumulating knowledge.

Scott's library consists of:

  • Books.
  • Many journals and notebooks for writing, drawing and painting.
  • A computer for digital images.

Organize your material in a way that makes sense to you.

What are the ways in which you will build your library? Options include: digital library, book library, writing journal, drawing journal, and painting journal. Begin to establish what you want to do with your working libraries.

Plan your library. Specifically:

  • What materials will you keep?
  • How will you store them?
  • What method(s) will you use to organize items?

Refer back to your journal assignment and goals from the "Magic Ingredient" episode in Series 1. In your writing journal, reflect on the following: 

  • How am I doing with my painting goals and commitments thus far?
  • Do I need to make any adjustments to my goals or commitments? Revise any plans and/or approaches that you need to in order to keep your commitments sustainable for the long run.
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