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Adventure Series 2

Light and Shadow as They Recede

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Scott uses several photos and paintings to show how light and shadow change color and value as they recede into the distance.

7min 9sec

As light recedes, yellow is the first color to drop out. Colors become darker and redder as they recedes. Even farther in the distance, the color moves towards blue. 

Shadows get lighter and bluer as they recede.

Light and shadow are not gray in the distance, they retain both color and value.

This understanding of light and shadow is not an absolute but a common generalization.

Try to find at least 5 photographs or paintings where you can identify this concept of light and shadow as it recedes occurring.

How can you retain this information in your journaling? Add this to your journal of choice in a way that makes the most sense to you (writing, images, painting notes, etc.).

  • Journal of Choice and Associated Materials
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