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Adventure Series 2

Tonality - Aspen Trees

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Scott begins a small study by establishing the tonal range for the major shapes.

7 min

Intense color and / or rapidly changing light conditions make it difficult to find your value structure. A tonal gesture painting of the major value planes is often a good first step in these situations.

If you have a photo, you can more easily see the value structure by:

  • Making the photo black and white.
  • Rotating the photo so the scene is upside down.

Once you have the value pattern identified, begin to experiment with color by massing in large planes of varying intensity and temperature.

The largest color / value plane in this gesture piece is the green shadow shape that includes both the ground plane and the trees in shadow.

Mixing with red, yellow, and blue establish your shadow of leaves in mass vs the light of leaves in mass.

Download the photograph provided. Using two different palettes (palette suggestions below), paint one or more small color gesture paintings and experiment with different color temperature that have a common value in each major plane.

  • Identifying the major light and shadow shapes on each plane.
  • Mix a range of colors for each shape to test various intensities and temperatures. Try to mix colors that are composed of compliments (all three primaries) in order to create a neutralized range.

Limited Palette Suggestions:

  • Palette 1 for Oil: Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, Cobalt
  • Palette 2 for Oil: Cobalt, Permanent Bright Red, Cadmium Yellow Lemon
  • Palette 1 for Gouache: Chinese Orange, Naples Yellow, Cobalt
  • Palette 2 for Gouache: Cobalt, Flame Red, Cadmium Yellow Lemon

Drawing Journal.

Oil or gouache paints.

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Tonality Aspen Trees

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