"I took Scott’s workshop back in 2011 and learned a lot, so I was skeptical about signing up for Adventure of Painting. However, I’m so glad I did. Scott’s course is challenging me to reach out to new ideas and methods that have already helped my studio work and stretched my thinking. I’m an experienced, professional artist, but I know this course is going to give my work a boost. So glad I signed up!"
Jason T.
"I have been sampling the Continuing Learning aspect of AoP - when you think things can't get any better they suddenly do!! What a comprehensive resource. Who needs to go to university when you have AoP?!?!"
James R.
"Adventure of Painting has been most enjoyable. I have been painting for 26 years. And have attended many well-known artist’s workshops. While I loved traveling to different locations and meeting other artists, I think this method of learning is much better. Your short points are easy to comprehend and easy to repeat if needed. You are a great teacher."
Sharon S.
"I am loving this course. It has helped me commit to a process and really work through a daily routine of committed practice and learning. The knowledge you share is wonderful."
Alisa R.
"Adventure of Painting is beyond fantastic!! Of all the things Scott’s done that I’ve participated in (workshops, dvds, books) this is wonderful. To be able to go back, review, listen again to what wasn’t clear the first time, to skip ahead to get context, plus the assignments—this is “school” and I love it!!"
Mark D.
"I am loving this course! It's perhaps the most comprehensive workshop/tutorial I've ever taken. Thank you for all the work you put into this course. It truly is amazing!"
Melissa G.
"I’m loving the course! The videos are all stellar! Fascinating and inspiring. It is shifting a lot of my thinking."
Laurie P.
“So I just signed up for the Continuing Education. Holy cow! What content. It’s gonna take me a lifetime to absorb all this! I didn’t realize you’d have just as much information here as you do in your AOP course. It’s very exciting and I’m amazed that you are so generous with your knowledge."
Emily N.
"Can’t begin to express how much your course is helping me. I had lost my desire to paint over the past year and a half and am finally getting inspired again with your help and direction."
Sandra H.
"I have been a 40 year consumer of art lessons - workshops, books, videos, online courses -- and I have never experienced the depth and breath and hours of thought put into any course that matches what Scott has done with this series. THANKS SO MUCH!!"
Jan K.
"I'm working my way through AOP. Brilliant!!! So well-structured, systematic and informative and, from an educational art perspective, it is actually quite "revolutionary". I have made a careful study of Scott's previous videos as well as the writings of Edgar Payne and John Carlson. AOP wraps all of these up in one coherent package and elucidates them perfectly! "
James R.
There's no one more than Scott who inspires me to dig deep and learn the process of painting.
Rob Impellizzeri
"Adventure of Painting is a game changer in how to bring a painting from start to finish. This course is comprehensive and is well-suited for beginners as well as professionals. It covers everything from the early stages of design to the last stages of finish. I will recommend this course to all of my students and will use Scott’s method of study going forward. This course gives a clear path to how to make the best painting you can no matter what stage you are at in your career."
Mary Garrish
“One of the things I’ve learned about Scott is that he is not just a teacher of technique; he teaches you how to think as an artist and how to solve problems.”
Carl Olson, Jr. : Host of the Artful Podcast
“Adventure of Painting is a course for all levels from beginners to professionals. Scott, through this life-changing experience, teaches you how to look at a scene, what to look for and how to react to any possible situation. This course forever changes the way you view a scene or the way you look at a painting. Adventure of Painting is a truly magnificent journey through the painting adventure."
Sam Angoori
“Your process really resonated with me. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness in your approach, of really thinking about the strategy, the numerous value studies... I can tell it’s making a difference in my work already.”
“I have recommended his insights to friends over the years, he is still one of a handful of artists I have found that can put a lot of knowledge into a few words, opening a new way to look at something.”
No Name
"Best teacher I've ever had."
No Name
"Scott Christensen is a superb instructor, and the depth and breadth of his Adventure of Painting course is dazzling. You will learn how to simplify, interpret, and organize a landscape into a compelling painting. He will show you how to see like an artist and train like an athlete. Daily practice, building a library, accumulating photo references, studying the masters, painting outside, and journaling are some of the practices that Scott encourages. He shares pearls of wisdom from great artists and thinkers throughout the course. Furthermore, his affable, generous, light-hearted, and humble nature makes him a delight to study with. Scott’s commitment to a lifetime of artistic exploration and growth is contagious, and it is evident that he poured his heart and soul into the Adventure of Painting course. I would highly recommend this course to painters of every level."
Audrey Cushman
“The class is life-changing.”
No Name
“The shelves full of art books, library of videos (>100!), other workshops, and private instruction, ALL OF IT, pales in comparison to what I have learned from Scott.”
“Any and all preconceived questions I might of had prior to watching Scott's videos were fully answered and then even more! He has given clear instructions to work through each assignment and also how to push these practices into your painting.”
Pamm Ciupa
"Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to take his or her oil painting in general, and landscape painting in particular, to another level."
No Name
"It isn't very often one can find an artist that can teach as well as they can paint. Scott Christensen is one of those rare artists."
No Name
"We were given an academic, knowledge based education on so many valuable facets of what makes a good painting."
No Name
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