Gesture, Study & Idea Finding

Gouache Tree Grouping

Scott develops a gesture of a tree grouping to explore greens outside. This episode was originally aired during Plein Air Live 2020.

37min 28sec

The goal of this gesture was to study the colors of green in this landscape. Specifically:

  • Temperatures.
  • Variations
  • Values.
  • Relationships.

Scott tries to stay in a mid value for as long as possible making it easier to change temperatures and see into color shapes.

Early in the painting, Scott:

  • Created an underpainting of violets and reds to serve as a foil for the greens that were to come.
  • Painted the sky as a starting point / to give a read for the greens that were to come.

At approximately 13:00 into the episode, Scott begins to mix his initial green. Listen to (or re-watch) this portion of the episode to hear him react to the color mix he is creating.

Find several photos of tree groupings with variations in the color green.

Create a series of small gestural studies of the each photo. Spend no more than 30 minutes on each gestural painting.

Evaluate each gestural study in your Journal.

Redo at least one of the gestural studies until you are satisfied with the final result.

Drawing Journal.

Oil or gouache paints.

Downloads will open in a separate browser window where you can use the features of the browser to move files to your computer.
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