Gesture, Study & Idea Finding

Sky Painting

Scott develops a cloud study outside. This episode was originally aired during Plein Air Live 2020.

45min 16sec

Listen for the spirit of experimentation in Scott's comments.

When you begin with an idea, stick with that emphasis through to finish.

Use compliments or opposing temperatures in your underpainting. Look for the elements in the sky and ground plane that show through in Scott's painting.

Gouache allows Scott to:

  • Pick up lines or shapes by re-wetting areas.
  • Experiment with transparent layers.
  • Rework areas (especially edges) by activating the dry paint with water.

As you watch the video, notice how Scott manipulates the brush by using different:

  • Portions of the brush (sides, corner, flat, etc.)
  • Pressure.
  • Amounts of water.
  • Strokes (especially trial strokes to preview a color).

Approximately half way through the video, notice Scott orchestrating towards finish by:

  • Finding patterns in major planes.
  • Distributing colors / values throughout the painting.
  • Creating warm and cool shapes of the same value.
  • Finding variety of shape, edge and size / scale.

Find portions of the video that interest you and make a list of the techniques or passages you want to incorporate into your work.

Create a series of small gestural studies of the passages / techniques you have chosen.

Paint a cloud study of a similar landscape using the concepts and techniques from this episode.

Drawing Journal.

Oil or gouache paints.

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