Gesture, Study & Idea Finding

Photo and Study it Out - Rocky Mountain

Scott discusses the difficulty of painting large rock surfaces and describes how he simplifies their design.

7min 26sec

Don't chase every rock. Look for major light and shadow shapes first.

As you observe a scene, write down words that describe your intent / the things that interest you most about a scene. In this episode, Scott wanted to emphasize:

  • Relationship between light and shadow.
  • Reflect light in the shadow.
  • Shadow shapes -- the majority of the shapes are shadow.

In order to accomplish the above objectives, Scott minimized the sky and made the sky and light shapes on the rock (especially where they meet), close in value.

Find five photos of different rock formations / mountains.

For each photo, develop at least three alternative designs by varying:

  • Vantage point.
  • Proportion of foreground, mid ground and sky.
  • Light and shadow shapes.

Paint a gesture study of one your favorite design.

Critique each and tape the results in your journal.

Drawing Journal.

Prismacolor Markers (see Materials, Mediums & Setup, Value Markers).

Oil or gouache paints.

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