In order for you to see any significant growth, I would ask you to adopt a 15-20 minute per day study routine that will feed your ability to see and interpret the landscape more effectively. With continued study and working through the concepts and processes presented in the Adventure Series, I believe you will learn to identify most of your painting questions and obstacles on your own. These approaches that I use in my daily work will provide you with numerous ways to solve problems and help you to determine your authentic and unique artistic vision.

We are always searching for good answers to tough questions… that is the essence of painting. Edgar Payne said that, "Our knowledge always precedes our execution and that no one can paint better than she or he knows how." My hope is that through daily study and practice you will see significant development in your understanding and competence to paint. Furthermore, I hope that this learning process ultimately contributes to a lifetime of growth and a renewed excitement for painting. Here is to your great adventure!


Scott L. Christensen

"Knowledge precedes execution."
- Edgar Payne
for you

How AOP is designed to work for you.

As Edgar Payne said, “Knowledge precedes execution. You can only paint as much as you know.” I did not know that painting required this much intention, study, and thought. I wish someone had told me this early on. Our work in the Adventure of Painting will give you the knowledge and experience to aid you in answering the questions that arise for you.

I have intentionally recorded short videos to help you dedicate 15-20 minutes a day towards your painting study.  Each video has key takeaway notes and assignments that will help you to practice the concepts presented and apply the knowledge. The assignments are deliberate and most important in your study. Doing the work is the hard part but, even with 15-20 minutes a day, this is where you will see the most growth. Active participation is required from you.

Once you work through AOP's Signature Course, you will better understand the tools and the whys behind the AOP's Continuing Education Membership content. Videos found in Continuing Education will further reinforce and build upon processes, ideas, and concepts in AOP's Signature Course. Therefore, in order to best understand the Continuing Education Membership content, it is crucial that you have done the work in AOP's Signature Course first.

Scott painting a landscapeLandscape painting mountain lake
the start of our adventure

AOP's Signature Course

AOP's Signature Course is the heart and foundation of our learning quest and will walk you through the most important concepts and processes in painting. You will soon learn how interconnected all of our painting choices are and therefore, I believe, are best approached as a whole rather than as individual areas. This is a circular learning process; videos in the Signature Course build upon one another and are meant to be watched in sequential order. Each assignment is intentional; this is where doing the work is important.

Getting Started

Preparing for the Adventure Ahead

Let's make sure you have the supplies you will need for the adventure ahead.

1hr 2 min
Start Series

Adventure Series 1

Finding Our Path

In this series we will begin laying the important groundwork and foundational elements that we will return to throughout our process.

3 hrs 15 min
Start Series

Adventure Series 2

Leaning into Our Resistance

Through practice and 15-20 minutes of diligent study a day, you will realize major changes in your ability to see and interpret the scene in front of you.

3 hr 28 min
Start Series

Adventure Series 3

Finding Your Own Process

Series 1, 2, and 3 combined will help you realize the importance of small inspired decisions and differences in unveiling critical concepts. My hope is that you find these ideas evolutionary.

4 hr 42 min
Start Series
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