Continuing Education is meant to reinforce and further support the content and processes covered in AOP's Signature Course with the added benefits of more content, interaction, and an incredible community. Unlike the Signature Course videos, the Continuing Education video resource library videos are not in any sequential order and not intended to be viewed in succession as a full learning experience. Rather, these videos are categorized by content areas and designed to further guide your study, answer questions, and promote the process of learning as a whole. New content is added monthly.

To upgrade your account, visit your Profile (the "person" icon in the top right corner when you're logged into AOP), click "Plan" and then "Edit Options" and choose the "AOP Continuing Education Membership" subscription.

Please reach out with any questions! We look forward to seeing you in the Continuing Education community.

You can also add (or remove) the Continuing Education Membership to your account by visiting your "Profile" area when you're logged in, choosing "Plan" and then "Edit Options." 

A Glimpse at what's included in
Continuing Education

Video Resource Library

Exclusive Video Content

We believe that the adventure should continue. Additional discussions and content are available on the Community Page.

Meaningful Community Connection

Continuing Education Members get access to our online community. The AOP Community is a trusted and safe space for artists to share their work and ask questions in conjunction to Adventure of Painting.

Members-Only Events

Scott is excited to offer a variety of in-person events to Adventure of Painting's Continuing Education Members! Events are for CE Members-Only and of varying focus, prices, and locations.

Interaction with Scott

As a Continuing Education Member, you receive opportunities to interact directly with Scott. We do a live Q&A call every month which gives you the option of having your specific questions answered.

Online Accountability Forum

The AOP Community offers a space to upload your assignments and share your work with other AOP Artists.