Gesture, Study & Idea Finding

Photo and Study it Out - Southwest Buttes

Scott uses a photo of Southwest Buttes to discuss his initial stages of developing a painting.

9min 32sec

In the early stages of design, create a variety of small sketches that explore different:

  • Vantage points / locations in the scene.
  • Proportion of foreground, mid ground and sky.
  • Shapes of light and shadow.

Iteration and repetition are key to finding good design.

Find five photos of different subjects (mountain, trees, lake, etc.)

For each photo, develop at least three alternative designs by varying:

  • Vantage point.
  • Proportion of foreground, mid ground and sky.
  • Light and shadow shapes.

Critique each and tape the results in your journal.

Drawing Journal.

Prismacolor Markers (see Materials, Mediums & Setup, Value Markers).

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