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Adventure Series 2

Developing a Tonal Study

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Scott develops the tonal underpainting from the prior episode into a small study.

19min 11sec

Once you have a tonal underpainting, continue to gain familiarity with your subject by developing a study.

As a note, for our reference, a study takes composition into consideration.

As you expand your gesture into a study you can begin by framing the parameters of what you want as a composition. Consider also:

  • Creating warms and cools of a color in each major shape.
  • Edge variety.

Try to imply shapes without over-defining.

Note: Five types of light is touched upon in this episode; more on this topic will be discussed in the next series.

Develop a list of the ideas you want to try after watching the episode.

Select one or more tonal under painting(s). To build upon your gesture ideas, begin to think about composition.

Develop your understanding of the scene by adding variety as described in Key Takeaways.

Look over the few works that you have done. Decide which one(s) you like and why. The why is important here (write it down).

Drawing Journal.

Oil or gouache paints.

Downloads will open in a separate browser window where you can use the features of the browser to move files to your computer.
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