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Adventure Series 1

Finding Your Intentions

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Scott outlines the areas that will form your intent with regard to a painting and provides several examples based on scenes that make him feel alive.

14min 29sec
  • What makes you feel most alive about the scene?
  • What excites you about a place?

Intentions will provide guidance to your work.

When you see a scene that interests you, put words to the things about the scene that draw your attention.

Possible areas for intent:

  • Surprising colors.
  • Interesting shapes.
  • Key of the painting.
  • Prominent shapes and shape varieties.
  • Distribution of light and shadow.
  • Relationships and patterns.
  • Warm / cool relationships.
  • Repetition that needs to be managed.
  • Distribution of four major planes (sky, upright, angled, ground).
  • Distribution of foreground, mid ground and sky.
  • Saturation of color shapes versus grayed color shapes.

When you are in the field, try to take multiple photos and / or make notes and sketches from a variety of perspectives.

Find 5-10 photographs that make you feel alive or that inspire you. We will be using these photographs throughout the course so make sure they are ones that you won't get bored with and will want to stick with. A few of these should be simple ideas.

Compile the hard copy photographs or print off copies of digital photos.

Glue or tape the photographs into your drawing journal. 

In your writing journal, write about what makes you excited about each scene and photograph.

Writing a lot is great to get your thoughts rolling; then try to narrow it down to a few words and add these few words next to the photographs in your drawing journal.

  • 10 photographs of your own, printed
  • Drawing Journal
  • Writing Journal
  • Writing Utensil
  • Scissors
  • Artists Tape

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