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Adventure Series 1

Line Variety and Integrity

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The lines in nature won't necessarily make a fine painting. Learn how line variety can improve the integrity of your work.

7min 5sec

After exact placement is determined ("10 Lines"), we can begin to think about refining our lines.

  • Try not to be repetitive with your lines.
  • Always think of infinite variety!

Don't feel obligated to render or copy the lines in a scene. Rather, design the lines to have variety and emphasize your shape placement.

Repetition and refinement are often required to create line variety and integrity. It isn't unusual to create 5 to 20 sketch iterations before you've achieved sufficient variety.

Be careful to identify and eliminate repetitive (especially parallel) lines by exaggerating elements of each line that you find interesting. You can visualize line variety by imagining different viewing locations (closer / farther, right / left).

Create integrity in your scene by describing spaces with new lines -- especially lines that emphasize (1) perspective, (2) describe the form of your shape(s) and (3) create an entry to your painting.

Remember to create variety and integrity for lines in the shapes on all planes (sky, upright, slanted, flat).

Again, this is an ongoing process that you might have to continually return to throughout the creation of a painting.

With your drawings from the "10 Lines" assignment, concentrate on your lines.

Revise your lines with consideration to exaggerating variety, diversity, and integrity.

Always be thinking about variety of shape and scale.

Drawing Journal

Drawings from the "10 Lines" assignment


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