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Adventure Series 3

Introduction to Keying

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Scott reviews several paintings and discusses the three keys (high, medium and low) and how the choice of key influences the resulting painting.

4min 39sec

A painting can be executed in one of three keys:

  • High (lightest).
  • Middle.
  • Low (darkest).

All values in either light or shadow are either raised or lowered based on the selection of key.

Choice of key may help with deciding the richness of color and the ability to show variation between the shadow and light relationships.

Choose the 10-line composition drawing and value sketch of the same that you like best from your previous drawings.

Now, using the composition that you like best, create at minimum 3 different key value sketches with your values markers to determine how light or how dark you will be painting.

Watch the next video in the series for another example of 'keying'.

  • 10 Line Drawings and Previous Value Sketches
  • Drawing Journal
  • Value Markers
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