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Adventure Series 3

Four Values and Finding Your Palette

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Scott develops a color palette to fit the values in a painting.

24min 42sec

Do a volume of work outdoors.

Analyze your scene to identify where the same value appears and create a map of these values.

Using the "value map", start experimenting with color choices that will support the value structure.

Log your color choices on a value scale to ensure your colors are maintaining the value structure you have chose.


  • Your eye will try to trick you. The same value looks different when it is surrounded by a value at the opposite end of the value scale. For example, the same light value will look lighter when it is surrounded by darks.

Create a gesture painting with the idea you've been working on.

Try to incorporate the black and white into color as was seen in the video. Try to recognize when you can keep a value and use it throughout.

  • Photo Library
  • Painting Journal
  • Painting Supplies (Oil and Gouache)
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