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Adventure Series 3

Composing with Three Values - The Rock Problem

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Scott uses three values to solve a complex compositional problem: the rock challenge.

12min 57sec

Learning to compose in three values: a light, middle, and dark will help simplify a chaotic scene.

Start with the shadow pattern as it is usually easiest to identify the middle value.

Then add the light value.

Then add your dark value.

At this point, your design should begin to read. Revise if this is not the case.

Finish with accents. The:

  • Dark accents will usually appear in the shadow. Almost 99% of the time your darkest darks will be in the shadow.
  • Light accents will usually appear where the form is perpendicular to the sun.

Even though the example in the video is a chaotic scene of rocks, the truth of it is that it is all chaotic (trees, mountains, rocks... the landscape as a whole) once we get outside.

Using your 10 Line sketches from the previous assignment, develop at least three compositional value sketches using a light, middle, and dark. In the first sketch, simply identify the current location of the various value shapes / masses. In the second and third sketch, begin to restructure and design the shapes to improve variety.

*Focus on unequal distribution of shape and scale so you don't have half-light and half-shadow. Think of majority light/less shadow or majority shadow/less light.

Do a number of these sketches to keep filling your toolbox of ideas. We are still in the process of idea-finding here.

  • 10 Line Sketches
  • Drawing Journal
  • Value Markers
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