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Adventure Series 3

Color Information of a Scene

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Scott uses several photos and studies to discuss selecting the colors for two separate paintings.

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To understand the colors in a scene, break it down into smaller shapes and areas.

When possible, write down your impressions while onsite and develop small color gestures of the areas that interest you.

It can help to take multiple photos and various focal lengths (near and far) in order to capture different impressions (remember what was discussed about the camera vs. your eye from Five Types of Light assignment).

When you are back in the studio, reconcile your photographic images with your notes and memory (what you see vs. what the camera captured). Make specific notes of this.

As you develop your thoughts, look for variations within each plane and light that emphasize:

  • Warm and cool relationships.
  • A range of values that stay within the shape and preserve its position within the landscape.

Return to your previous notes on color from the assignment in 'Vague Value and Color Crash'.

It's now time to question the values of the previous color choices.

Make a second color chart depending on which key you selected.

Mix new colors combining the ideas from your previous color notes and the key that you selected from 'Introduction to Keying' assignment.

Make a new color chart. Find at least 2-3 color choices within each value range.

Again, make notes on where you want to use these colors (tree in shadow, tree in light, rock in shadow, rock in light, etc.).

Watch the next episode in this series for an example of keying with the addition of color.

  • Notes from 'Vague Value and Color Crash' episode
  • Painting Journal
  • Painting Supplies (Oil or Gouache)
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