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Adventure Series 3

Finding Three Values in Chaos

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Chaotic scenes make finding values difficult. Scott takes a chaotic scene and simplifies it into three values.

8min 3sec

To analyze a scene, especially a chaotic one, try to simplify the shapes into three values.

Design the shapes so:

  • Shadow or light predominates (there should be more of one type of light than the other).
  • Shapes for all values are carried throughout the painting to give a sense of structure / relationship.

This is a good place to emphasize the importance of developing your concept and ideas.

Scott had to approach this scene differently than the previous one.

This process of figuring out a chaotic scene to make sense of it all is on going. 

Learn to become a good shape maker. Try to find and make more interesting shapes within your allotted space.

Return to your previous drawings and sketches and do three more while paying particular attention to making interesting shapes. Redefine your shapes for even more interest.

If you are having a hard time defining shapes, check out Alphonse Mucha, Gustave Baumann, Maynard Dixon, and E. Martin Hennings. Study light, middle, and dark values in Edward Steichen's photographs. This will help build your library of ideas.

  • Value Sketches from Previous Assignment
  • Drawing Journal
  • Value Markers
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