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Adventure Series 3

A Few Lines to Create Perspective

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Some lines are more important than others. Scott demonstrates how he has designed lines on the sky and ground plane to direct the viewer's eye to the shapes at the center of the painting.

5min 5sec

The exterior line(s) of major shapes on the ground and sky plane can be used to direct the viewers eye towards the center of interest in a painting.

Use this knowledge to continue the development and refinement of your 10 line compositions.

With the understanding that you have learned from Hierarchy and Emphasis, Tension, and A Few Lines to Create Perspective; return to your 10 line drawings and value sketches.

Consider adding a few lines to create perspective. Consider steeper lines from your sky and/or your foreground. Make sure that you are creating a little more perspective to add more interest.

Not only are you thinking about perspective but start to consider hierarchy and emphasis and tension with your lines as well. Consider other leading lines that will support your emphasis and hierarchy and add perspective even in a small space.

Drawing Journal.


Marker (optional).

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