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Viscosity - Oil

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Scott discusses the viscosity of oil as it relates to the wide variety of painting surfaces.

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There are a wide variety of mediums available for oil.  Scott uses:

  • Gamsol (primary).
  • Galkyd (in small amounts to speed drying time).
  • Neo Megilp (in small amounts to speed curing).
  • Cold Wax (to build texture).

While Gamsol can thin oil paint, the same viscosity will react differently on different canvases with different priming.

Your surface preparation will have greater impact than paint viscosity. Specifically:

  • Alkyd primed / acrylic primed canvas will be more absorbent.
  • Oil primed surfaces will be more slick and will wipe clean.

Create abstract studies of a variety of colors to experiment with:

  • Paint viscosity
  • Transparency
  • Application in various thicknesses
  • Tinting strength when mixed with white

If you have other surface types available), experiment with a variety of surface preparations and paint viscosity. Note differences and which ones feel most comfortable for you/ give you the effects you are seeking.



Paint thinner

Painting journal and other surface areas

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