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Using Vasari Grays

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Scott describes the grays he uses and demonstrates mixing several color combinations.

5min 50sec

The following neutral grays from Vasari are always on my palette:

  • Bluff
  • Ship Rock
  • Adobe
  • Shale
  • Jasper
  • Silver Point
  • Cedar
  • Bice

These grays serve as a jumping off point for mixing color.

Often, I will choose a gray that best matches the value and temperature I desire and then add primary colors and adjust as needed.

Using the Vasari grays ensures that subsequent color mixes will be harmonious as the grays are made from all three primaries and white.

In either oil or gouache-- with your primaries and white, experiment with mixing your own "neutral greys".

Painting supplies (either oil or gouache)

Painting journal

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