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Using Vasari Colors

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Scott discusses the primary colors he uses and the rational behind their choice.

6min 56sec

Determine a primary palette that works for you and provides you with an extensive range.  A warm and cool of each primary color (red, yellow, blue) plus white is a great starting point. Suggestions include:

  • Cadmium Yellow Lemon (cool)
  • Cadmium Yellow Deep (warm)
  • Permanent Bright Red (warm)
  • Ruby Violet (cool)
  • Cobalt Blue (a cleaner blue)
  • Ultramarine Blue (a blue that tends toward red)
  • Titanium White

A note on blue: Blue is a difficult color to describe as warm or cool as it is inherently cool. Ultramarine blue is a cooler blue to me because of the red used in ultramarine is a cooler red. Therefore, I use ultramarine primarily as a cooler color. I tend to use cobalt both ways because it is a "cleaner" blue. When I am going toward green, cobalt created a cleaner looking green to me but it also cools very well and I do not get so dark.

Determine your primary palette and experiment with the range that it offers.

Painting Supplies (either oil or gouache)

Color wheel reference from 'Color Wheel' episode

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