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Value Markers

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Scott describes the Prismacolor value markers he uses for compositional work.

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Value scales typically range from 1 to 10.

Different companies make 1 the lightest light while others make 1 the darkest dark.

The numbering sequence isn't important. The important idea is that there is a range of values from light to dark that can be traversed in 10 steps.

You will rarely use 10 values in a painting. Typical paintings have three to four major values. It is important to have separation between your values so that the planes in your painting read / are understood by the viewer.

You will rarely use the extremes of the value scale in your paintings (1 or 10).

Create a gray scale value chart with 10 values using value markers.

Create a gray scale value chart with 10 values using gouache or oil paint (or medium of choice).

AOP Drawing Journal

A set of value markers (see supply shop page for a recommendation)

AOP Painting Journal

Paints (or medium of choice)

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