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Viscosity - Gouache

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Scott discusses the wide range of effects possible with gouache and how to use water to attain them.

13min 43sec

The opacity of gouache is determined by the:

  • Amount of water in the color mix (more water = less viscosity).
  • Opacity of the pigment itself (adding white to any color will increase its opacity).

Gouache offers a wide range of effects based on the viscosity of the mix including:

  • Transparent washes.
  • Color mixing / bleeding.
  • Hard / soft edges.
  • Thick, textured passages.

The only way to understand these effects is through experimentation.  

Create abstract studies of a variety of colors to experiment with:

  • Transparency
  • Ability to mix with / bleed into other colors
  • Application in various thicknesses
  • Tinting strength when mixed with white

Learn to manipulate the edges of adjacent colors with water and different brush strokes. Paint gradated shapes with a variety of colors and intensities.

Painting surface

Gouache paints


Water and container

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