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Getting Started

Oil Painting Stuff

Congratulations! You've finished the course!

Scott reviews all the supplies you will need for oil painting and makes several recommendations.

5min 37sec

Brushes (see next episode "Rosemary Brushes" for more details). Tip: Keep brushes clean and / or stay in the same value range with your brushes.

Paint (discussed further in "Vasari Paint" and "Using Vasari Greys" episodes).

Palette knife

Viva paper towels

AOP Journal and/or Canvas (see supply shop)

Easel (optional)

Mediums (some of these are discussed in further detail in "Materials, Mediums and Set-Up" in the Continuing Education Membership). A drying medium for oil paints and a cleaner are required for starting. Neo Megilp is recommended as a drying medium (see more in Viscosity- Oil for one way to use this medium). Gamsol or a paint thinner is necessary for cleaning brushes.

  • Cold Wax (Gamblin) for texture
  • Galkyd (Gamblin) to increase drying rate or for glazing
  • Neo Megilp (Gamblin) to increase curing speed and for glazing
  • Gamvar (Gamblin) varnish
  • Gamsol (Gamblin) thinning medium and to clean brushes

Gather materials for the medium of your choice.

Please reference the download tab for the full recommended supplies list.

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AOP Recommended Supply List