Light & Value

Value Plane Choices

Scott uses a mountain scene to show how some planes may share a value.

5min 20sec

While Carlson's model is a good guide, a different value is not required for every plane.

It is possible to reuse the same value on two planes.

Often, the the sky and the ground can share a plane. This will read when the slanted plane is adjacent to the sky (especially if there are light accents similar to the snow in this episode) as the lighter value of the slanted plane (compared to the upright) will tend to make the sky SEEM separated from the ground in value.

Find at least three photos where you believe two planes can share a value. This often occurs in mountain scenes when the slanted plane meets the sky.

For each photo, develop at least two compositional sketches where two planes share a value.

Assess the "read" of each sketch in your journal.

Drawing Journal.



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