Drawing & Composition

Zoom Session: Rediscovering 10 Lines

In this interactive Zoom session, Scott reviews the importance of 10 lines to show how this is not an elementary concept but rather a crucial one that can make a painting work or not.

What is your intention? What "grabs" you most about the scene?
Do you have variety in your line? Variety in your shape, scale, and proportion?
How are you going to add more character to lines?
Add the dark mass.
Try in different formats (horizontal, square, upright, etc.).

Post your new "rediscovered" 10 line drawings of this winter scene in the Community Space under Zoom Sessions---> 1.18.22 Rediscovering 10 Lines section.

Downloads will open in a separate browser window where you can use the features of the browser to move files to your computer.
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