Form & the Elements in Nature

Rocks - Same Value Change Color

Color will make a form come forward or recede:

  • As light recedes, it gets darker and more red.
  • As shadow recedes, it gets lighter and cooler / more blue.

To make the planes in light or shadow retain their structure, maintain the value and change the color.

As you change planes (e.g., from slanted to upright) make sure your values separate.

In sequence:

  • Establish placement and shape variety.
  • Assign values.
  • Maintain value structure and introduce color.

Develop 5 compositions where you are satisfied with placement and value.

For each composition, introduce color on at least three planes.

Experiment with color shifts in the large masses to support the notion of recession.

Once your major planes read, begin to introduce more shape variety and experiment with accents and reflected light.

Drawing journal.

Oil or gouache paints.

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