Form & the Elements in Nature

Limited Vocabulary Composing Tree Meadow

Use a limited vocabulary of shapes to begin designing a scene.

The video was about trees, but this concept applies to all landscape forms.

Use a variety of shape sizes to get an initial placement of the major forms.

Don't chase line to begin your design.

Assess the variety of your design in terms of shape, scale and proportion. Evaluate the variety of both positive and negative space.

Iteration is key to success ... do several compositions before selecting the one(s) you want to pursue.

Once you have selected a design for further development, refine the shapes with line to add interest.

If you are designing a single (centered )tree, consider exaggerating one side to draw the viewers attention.

Using 10 photographs, develop several designs for each using a limited vocabulary of shapes and lines.

Begin with circles and lines. Add rectangles and triangles depending on the nature of your photograph.

Select at least one design and refine the limited shape vocabulary with line.

Tip: Use a photo management program to blur your image. This will help you to identify the design and use your limited shape vocabulary.

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